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25-Aug-2017 14:29

It was totally surreal and wonderful and incomprehensible and just great. That’s the out-of-office that pops up when I email Johnny Flynn to request an interview. ‘I love following old routes, imagining the consciousness of those who walked them.’ When he’s come down from the mountains we sit down to talk about the recent release of his third album, Country Mile.“I just think it’s such an important radio station.” Laura’s about to embark on her UK tour, and we have performances at Glastonbury and Latitude to look forward to. “I’ve had a lot of time since I wrote the second album. LM: They haven’t changed much from the music she was listening to when she made Alas I Cannot Swim.On top of that some very exciting news filtered through to the FFS offices a little while ago. Laura says, “At the moment I’m doing pre-production for it, which is really fun. I finished writing about a year ago and since then I’ve been pretty much sitting on my bum. I count myself as very lucky.” Words: Lynn Roberts We asked you for your questions for Laura. It’s always been Bonnie Prince Billy and Joni Mitchell. It’s listed as one of of your influences on My Space. FFS’s Mum: How did you like touring with Neil Young? I seem to have blocked those three days – it’s a very short amount of time – out of my memory.I think [] is a bit more unconsciously guarded but at the same time not so intentionally guarded.” Despite being a private person, Laura’s personal life is pretty well known.She’s — to use the Facebook parlance of our times — in a relationship with Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons. “It’s a beautiful album and that’s all really, there are no bad vibes at all.” It’s not snobbery that has lead to Laura dating high-profile musicians. And she tirelessly promotes artists whose work she believes in.Flynn’s new musical offering is clearly the work of someone steeped in Shakespeare.

We asked her about it at the time: “I believe in the cause! But there is a way — by building a fan base — and the reason that I got where I am now is by people very kindly taking me on tour and saying nice things.” “it’s not just me — there’s lots of other bands doing the same thing. @rub5ter: You once said that you would be happy with a loyal core following, playing to small intimate venues. LM: I do still get to play small shows, but I’m also much happier than I used to be playing bigger shows.

The great Bard is not the only reference point for this literary songwriter.

Country Mile’s second track is titled ‘After Eliot’. So too does the vigilant viewpoint afforded by the experience of exile (Eliot was originally American.) Flynn was born in South Africa, but his family left when he was three.

Better documented, though, is her relationship with Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale, who wrote the album , “When I opened up a magazine it was heartbreaking. It made me realise that journalists don’t give a shit. As well as the bonus CD, Laura curated a night at The Royal Festival Hall at the end of last year, which featured performances from Alessi’s Ark, Pete Roe, Peggy Sue, Cherbourg, Johnny Flynn and Mumford and Sons among others.

And 18-months ago FFS saw one of Cherbourg’s very early gigs in a tiny venue in Winchester.

And as if her increasingly-great songwriting wasn’t enough, we also hugely admire Laura’s use of her status — as perhaps the most popular of the modern folk artists — to champion musicians she admires, which she’s continuing to do by releasing a bonus EP featuring tracks performed by Alessi’s Ark, Pete Roe and Johnny Flynn and produced by Laura herself.

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